a room in white

i was thinking of writing to you for some time. it is one of those days that lays a blanket over my skin and lets me sink into dark.
i am not sure why i have chosen today for my letter to you since dark is now and today has been for some time. when did this colour start?

i don't remember. it has lasted for too long and my memory is blurred but one day i will emerge. this is the day i fear. you will be able to see my face which was covered by cloths of silk and clouds of white for so many years. you say that there is little to mourn but for now i scream since mindlessness covers the earth in thick layers. what a beautiful planet this could be. what a beautiful planet it might be for those looking at it from distant heights. from the place of the gods who created a mishap called 'mankind' who created this virus called 'language'.
willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!
the world internets again.

to the left, some shiny tunes in red and blue. do you see the sparkle of green in the left corner? in the mean, the very mean time, the cooperation is breathing a few commercials into your head to make sure you join the planetary suicide.

yes, it is true: your happiness is only one more purchase away.

hello? are you awake? then count with me: 1, 2, 3.
4, 5, 6.
thank you. your attention span is remarkable.

look at me. my eyes can see into your soul. it is beautiful there. i see a white island drifting towards your horizon. it is only a tiny distance away from your shore. it will melt into your hands as soon as you touch it. go for it. bend forward. pick it up. take the island into your hands. caress it with your warm palms. cover it. cover it with the kisses you have held back all your life.

and now: stay tuned. there is more to come. thank you
good night.

good morning. when are you coming over for coffee? no, i have not heard that an ocean had drowned your tear. when did that happen? yes, i was here all night. actually, i meant to surprise you by crocheting two rose petals for your eyes. what do you say? you already have 3 sets? excuse me for a minute, i have to hang up on you because my telephone just rang.

this is silly and you know it. we are sitting here, in front of our screens in monitor-land, thinking that we know what we are doing when, in fact, we don't. life is a short cry and our tears formed the oceans.

i am so tired of listening to your complaints, my dear. your house is built of complaints. your life is one long complaint and my customer service is closed for the day. i am also thinking of taking tomorrow off. i am thinking of going for a boat ride. i am thinking of talking to the first wave that comes along. i am thinking of drowning myself in her if she has something more important to say.
todd says:
the most amazing part is that there are two deadly thoughts inside of me that build one force. one wants to destroy humanity, the other wants to defy death. impossible divide! and this force, the force, my force is struggling inside my hurting brain. a force is struggling to write these words that are getting they are becoming they get scrambled more and more.

so look around. what do you see? all i see is misery stretching, yawning, then combing her long lost hair. nothing has changed. the world has a fine fibre floating across the land and the se7en seas. a horizontal veil made of a rubbery material that clogs the pores. pure thought can not breathe. we are misery. we are a volatile void that eats holes into the sky. poor world how you must suffer the myriads of us mischievous homunculi! how we must bore you to tears with our repetition of the ever-same. greed paired with stupidity is the fatal mix. a drug that keeps mankind sucking for more and more and more and more and more and more and mmmmmmmmmmmm more!

you do know that the drugs we take drug the water we drink?!

only the woman knows.
only she knows that there are two sides to every story.
ah, todd, my prince.

todd says: the daily production has ceased. the engine has stopped. ah. que bella machina! you ain't got no machina comme la mienne! admit it!
ich sage nichts. warum auch? look: todd hat die saiten gewechselt und blutet am anderen ufer. what? he is bleeding on the other side of the sea.

this is far too complicated, todd! how can you subject someone to this? the eyes hurt, the hand reaches for the screen and watches the fingers crawl all over it and alongside these silly lines. the nails etch the letters deep into monitorland's skin and sink them into a sunken somewheresea. i could be famous. i could be one of those that, at day, lead the war on terror and at night try to rescue their soul online. what a charmer i could be!

the other day, we took a boat to sail across the sea. the weather was calm and the sun a bright warm spot greeting us from far away. the smog had lifted just enough to give us the impression of peace on earth. it was a wonderful day and white was the room. the room was white and is white today as well. only a sparkle of black lurks around the corner. the misogynists are all asleep today and the black is just a sparkle. just a sparkle is the black today inside the room in white.