a room in white

i was thinking of writing to you for some time. it is one of those days that lays a blanket over my skin and lets me sink into dark.
i am not sure why i have chosen today for my letter to you since dark is now and today has been for some time. when did this colour start?

i don't remember. it has lasted for too long and my memory is blurred but one day i will emerge. this is the day i fear. you will be able to see my face which was covered by cloths of silk and clouds of white for so many years. you say that there is little to mourn but for now i scream since mindlessness covers the earth in thick layers. what a beautiful planet this could be. what a beautiful planet it might be for those looking at it from distant heights. from the place of the gods who created a mishap called 'mankind' who created this virus called 'language'.